Effective management of decommissioned IT assets - CSR or CR

Effective management of decommissioned IT assets - CSR or CR


Our client is India's largest electronics retailer, with a diverse network of 400+ stores, 200+ brands and 5,000 products. With aspirations to double their store network over the next three years, our client is looking to increase their number of products. Our client prides itself on best-in-class customer experience. To further improve their customer experience and profitability, they have been focusing on automating, digitizing and transforming the reverse supply chain.


Customer returns of purchases have been growing significantly across the industry and our client is not an exception.

To enable a good customer experience, they allow four return scenarios:

  • Store sales returns
  • Online sales returns
  • Home delivery sales returns
  • Internal damaged returns

All store sales returns, home delivery returns and internal damaged returns are tested and their disposition decision is made by the testing team before being sent to the warehouse. In contrast, online sales returns reach the warehouse without any prior testing. There is no testing executive at the warehouse. So, the warehouse executive only physically checks the item.

The process has the following issues:

  • There is no system for generation and tracking of internal returns.
  • High TAT of processing returns inventory since there is no automated system to manage and track the item lifecycle.
  • High number of rejects in brand call log and insurance claim on account of two issues — errors in disposition decision [disposition decision is taken manually by the testing team] and the high TAT.
  • High proportion of items going into liquidation and several high quality items going into liquidation.


As a part of automating, digitizing and transforming the reverse supply chain, our client implemented Blubirch’s Returns Inventory Management Solution [RIMS].

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""Think about it...if we throw it away, we had to buy it first. So we pay twice, once to get it, once to have it taken away. What if we reverse that cycle? What if our suppliers send us less, and everything they send us has value as a recycled product? No waste, and we get paid instead.""

- Lee Scott, Chief Executive, Wal-Mart (October 2005)

  • Blubirch’s integrated solution has the capability to initiate, track and manage internal returns generation, helping management make better decisions on resource deployment.
  • The solution has helped improve tracking, faster processing, alerts and notifications to enhance customer experience.
  • Rule-based automated disposition decisions leave no chance of manual errors, improving cost recovery and price realization.
  • Even a non-technical person can operate our grading app that is easy to configure and use, enabling the business function to take full responsibility for managing the returns process.

Blubirch has the only full-stack, automated, single access and highly configurable returns solution in the market that offers clients a seamless experience. Our lifecycle solution for returns management integrates these software interventions — returns initiation, returns inventory management system featuring warehouse management services, and B2B remarketing. The solution enables the returns management process at some of the world’s largest retailers and is India’s first and only returns automation platform.


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Jeby Cherian

Jeby Cherian, is the Chairman & COO of Blubirch. He is a CPA with an MBA from University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Sapan Jain

Sapan Kumar Jain is an entrepreneur, Founder and Chairman of Bluirch, a reverse supply chain management software company. With industry knowledge of more than 10 years, he is highly knowledgeable about the whole Reverse Supply Chain Industry.