Large mobile retail chain struggling
with trade-in program

Large mobile retail chain struggling with trade-in program


A large mobile phone retailer with stores across India has been working with multiple buyers to run their trade-in program. However each buyer had their own application , dashboard and pricing mechanism making it very difficult for the client to manage the current program, optimize value realization and provide a smooth experience to the buyer.


Blubirch solution allowed the client to integrate all the buyers centrally to one interface with their rate-cards uploaded in real-time. Also, Blubirch's simple to use mobile grading tool enables the store team to grade and offer exchange price instantly. Using the same application, the store team is able to publish the used phones to multiple re-sellers through a white labelled auction platform. The sold unit is tracked until it is picked by the highest bidder.


Using our solution, client was able to eliminate the need of working with buyer specific interfaces. Also our platform exposed the used inventory to a larger base of local buyers in real-time ensuring a better realization for the client. A faster and improved buy back value also improved the customer satisfaction for the client.

  • Mobile Phone Retailer
  • Optimize Value Realization
  • Smooth Experience
  • Central Integration
  • One Interface Rate Card
  • Simple-to-use
  • Grading Tool
  • Auction Platform
  • Tracking
  • Better Realization
  • Customer Satisfaction


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