Manual returns management process for an OEM with
omni-channel sales network background

Manual returns management process for an OEM with omni-channel sales network background


An OEM with omni-channel sales network that includes more than 400 dealers, 100 retail outlets and e-com platforms, has been facing challenges with returns validation at the origin and tracking the returned items through its life cycle. This resulted in unwarranted returns and claim disputes because of mismatch in claim and condition of returned items leading to revenue leakages. Additionally, for lack of alerts and reminders the approval cycle was 30-45 days long resulting in bad experience for dealers and retailers.


Blubirch provided a solution that allowed dealers and retailers to capture the condition of in-transit damage items, defective items, mismatched items and raise return claims immediately. The OEM was able to validate the return claims through in-application images captured by retailers/dealers along with other claim details. The solution also, enabled tracking of individual returned items through unique serialisation from claim initiation to final settlement.


With the help of this solution dealers and retailer are able to raise return claims in real time with auditable images, time stamps, return reasons and geo location tags. This helped the company to validate the claims quickly and track the physical receipt of returned item. Configurable alerts and escalations ensured that claims are actioned on time reducing the claim approval TAT to 10 days from erstwhile 30-45 days.

  • OEM
  • Omni-channel sales network
  • Returns life cycle
  • Revenue Leakage
  • Returns Claim
  • Claim Initiation
  • Return Reasons
  • Location Tag
  • Configurable Alerts
  • Approval TAT


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