Blubirch offers an Innovative end-to-end reverse Inventory Solution for Retailers and Enterprises to Manage, Process, and Sell Excess, Returned and Used Inventory with Best Realization Rapidly

Maximum Recovery

Improve recovery through our omni-channel platform.

Low touch cloud-based engine

Easy to use technology to improve efficiency and transparency.

Business Insights

Granular data analytics for continuous process optimization.

Sustainable value

Redeploy assets and reduce landfill for greener environment.

Maximum Recovery

(Blubirch engine for asset monetization)

Beam - the future of reverse inventory commerce

Dynamic Pricing, Optional auto-channel allocation, Speed to maximum recovery

Sell to 1000's of curated bulk buyers through
Blubirch bulk market place app

Faster Liquidation + Optimal Realization

Access to 1000's of curated Resellers Pricing guidance and controlled notification Accurately defined manifest

Low Touch Cloud-Based Engine

Bring efficiency and simplicity in your reverse inventory operations with our sophisticated processes and easy to use technology tools
  • Scalable Cloud-Based platform to operate from anywhere anytime
  • Automated diagnostics, grading, cataloging and routing
  • Rule based engine to customize business logic
  • Multi-channel liquidation with centralized inventory management

Business insights to optimize
reverse supply chain

  • Granular return inventory data
    better buying decision
  • Real time data enabling faster decision making and better recovery
  • End to end tracking for full disposition
    control and compliance

Work with us to create a greener and sustainable commerce

Feel proud in reducing resource wastage by putting products back in use and not in landfills