Logistics– Handling unclaimed goods


One of the largest Logistics companies in India had accumulated over 8 crores worth of unclaimed goods at its multiple UCG (Unclaimed Goods) centers. The goods were stored in a disorganized manner resulting in value erosion from product damage and pilferage. The inventory spanned across a vast range of categories including Electronics, electrical, Kitchen items, soft lines, furniture, edibles, pharmaceuticals, toys, exercise equipment, industrial and automobile goods etc.

Blubirch Solution

Blubirch came up with a comprehensive plan to manage and liquidate the unclaimed goods. The first challenge was to organize the existing inventory for which Blubirch inspected, graded and sorted the inventory by category. This was followed by lot creation which were published to the vast network of Blubirch partners for liquidation.

For the future UCG, Blubirch centralized the UCG process defining SLA based in-warding, inventory management and liquidation processes. Blubirch front-ended the liquidation process thereby absolving the client of hassles and compliance related issue with liquidation/disposal.

Accomplishment / Benefits

Liquidated more than 50% of the goods with-in 45 days from the start of engagement. Improved realization by 30% through increased buyer participation. The new process ensured timely action reducing not only the inventory ageing by 4 months but also the overall UCG ratio by 25%.