How to Contact Us

How can I contact BLUBIRCH
customer service?

Phone: You can call us at
Timing: Mon-Fri: 9am-8pm IST
             Sat: 10am-6pm IST


Do I need to register with BLUBIRCH?

Yes, you will need to register with BLUBIRCH and execute Master Sales Agreement (MSA) to be able to sell on BLUBIRCH. Please contact Customer Service department at 080-26711673/4/6 or

How do I change my user ID?

You cannot change your user ID. If you must change your user ID, you will have to re-register with a new user ID.

What do I do if I forget my user ID and/or password?

Please call BLUBIRCH Customer Service department at 080-26711673/4/6 to retrieve your user ID.In case you have forgotten your password you can reset it from “forgot password” link provided in the login section of the app.

Can I change my personal details?

Yes, you can change your personal details by emailing us at or calling our customer care executives at 080-26711673/4/6 .

Selling on blubirch

What types of products does BLUBIRCH sell?

We sell bulk inventory including returns, refurbished and overstock merchandise for our clients. Our product categories include electronics, clothing & accessories, shoes, hardware, computers, and more.

What is the minimum quantity or amount for a sale?

Although there is no minimum quantity for assets, to make sure items get competitive bids and sell quickly, sellers should have an attractive lot size so buyers are getting value and make a bid. Please contact BLUBIRCH Customer Service Department at 080-26711673/4/6 or drop an email on

Is there a minimum price or reserve I can set on my auctions?

Yes, you can set a minimum reserve price below which your assets would not be liquidated.

What information do you require to post my auction?

We would need to certify your inventory to be auctioned, create an accurate manifest and have inventory images to create a lot for auction.

What happens if the winning bidder doesn't pay?

If the winning bidder fails to pay, we will suspend the bidder and will contact the second highest bidder to determine whether or not he/she is still interested in purchasing your merchandise. If the second highest bidder is not interested in purchasing the merchandise, we will contact you to discuss other options, including re-listing your merchandise.


Where does BLUBIRCH source its products?

We source excess, open box and customer returns inventory from major retailers and used inventory from enterprises to unlock capital for them.

Are prices on BLUBIRCH negotiable?

We offer a competitive "Buy Now" price and bidding option on each lot allowing customers to buy instantly or to make the best offer. We don’t have the flexibility to negotiate pricing with individual customers. However, since we are offering you inventory directly from the source, you’re getting a great deal.

What are the requirements to be a buyer?

In order to continue to be a buyer on BLUBIRCH, you must represent, warrant and agree to:

  • Pay for any bids or orders placed using your unique username and password;
  • Have paid or settled any previous financial obligations owed to us to our satisfaction;
  • Not manipulate the price of any Asset or interfere with other bidders or buyers;
  • Provide additional information requested by us (for example, proof of funds, bank letter of guarantee, etc.) for verification purposes or to protect the integrity of the auction or sales event;
  • Comply with any listing-specific terms, conditions, or requirements;
  • Perform independent research and do not bid or purchase based on assumptions.

Currently I am a buyer on the app, how do I become seller?

You can change your preference by reaching out to us at

What methods of payments does BLUBIRCH accept?

We accept payment through all major credit and debit cards, NEFT and RTGS. You can also pay in cash at the time of pick-up. However cash payments will be subjected to applicable taxes.

Is there a cap on how much I can purchase?

Yes, you can spend up to INR 5 lakhs per day or 20 lakhs per month on BLUBIRCH (excluding shipping, payment processing fees, and taxes).

What if I want to purchase amounts exceeding INR 5 lakhs per day or INR 20 lakhs per month?

You will need to subscribe for “BLUBIRCH Prime” to be able to purchase beyond this cap limit. Please contact BLUBIRCH customer service team at 080-26711673/4/6 or drop an email on to get more information on “BLUBIRCH Prime”.

What measures do you take to ensure that buyers pay for auctions?

We limit the number of outstanding transactions for new buyers to two at one time. Once a new buyer wins two auctions, they cannot place new bids until payment is made. This restriction doesn’t apply to a Blubirch Prime buyer.

Is your checkout secure?

Yes, your information is safe with us. We use industry-standard SSL 128 bit (secure socket layer) technology to encrypt and keep your personal and financial data safe when it is transmitted during the checkout process.


How often are new inventory lots published?

New inventory lots are listed daily at 12pm IST.


What product conditions does BLUBIRCH offer?

BLUBIRCH offers products with clearly defined conditions. Please read below for full explanations of the different product conditions we offer.

Brand New: A brand-new, unused, unopened item in its original packaging, with all original packaging materials included. Packaging might have minor scratches or damages. Since it is seal packed, functional & physical condition of the item is not checked by Blubirch team

Open Box: An apparently untouched item in perfect condition and fully functional. The original packaging is intact but could have minor scratches or damages. There are absolutely no signs of wear on the item.The product has been tested by the Blubirch team.

Very Good: The product is well-cared-for and is fully functional but may show minor physical or cosmetic blemishes and/ or the item may have some accessories missing. The packaging might have been replaced to protect the item. The product has been tested by the Blubirch team.

Good: The item shows normal marks from consistent use, but it remains in good condition and works fully. It may show other signs of previous use and/ or the item may have some accessories missing. The packaging might be missing or might have major damages. The product has been tested by the Blubirch team.

Acceptable: The product may have minor functional issues and/ or the item is fairly worn. Signs of wear can include aesthetic issues such as scratches, dents, worn corners and cracks/damage on body. The item may have identifying markings on it or show other signs of previous use. Packaging may or may not be present and packaging condition may be bad. The product has been tested by the Blubirch team.

Defective: The product may be functionally defective and/ or physically damaged. Packaging may or may not be present and packaging condition may be bad. The product has been tested by the Blubirch team.


Buy Now Price

Buy Now Price represents the aggregate price of all items in a lot as suggested by seller.

Lot MRP Price

Lot MRP price represents the price as suggested by manufacturer or estimated in accordance with standard industry practice. Estimated retail is based on the condition of new, does not reflect the retail price of non-new conditions, and may not necessarily represent prevailing prices in every area on any particular day.

Floor Price

This is the price at which the bidding will start for the lot.

Reserve Price

The confidential threshold prices, which if not exceeded during the bidding process then the bidding is cancelled.


Does Blubirch ship lots in India ?

We prefer that you come and pick the lots or organize for pickup from Blubirch location. However, if you want us to ship please reach out to our customer support team at 080-26711673/4/6 to find the charges for logistics.

Does BLUBIRCH ship internationally?

At this time, we can only ship within India. If you want shipment to an international address, we are happy to ship to a freight forwarding address. However this will be a chargeable service.

Can I arrange my own shipping?

Yes, You can organize for your own shipping, however you would need to coordinate with BLUBIRCH customer service team to get a pick-up time slot allocated.

How can I check on the status of my order?

You can track the status of your order in My Orders List in Blubirch App.

Where can I find my order number?

You can find your order number on the confirmation page at the end of your checkout process or in the confirmation email(s) you received after you made your purchase or in the My Order section of your account or on the packing slip that came with your shipment.

In case of shipment by BLUBIRCH, what should I do if any lot I receive have been tampered with or shows visible damage?

If a lot shows visible damage or its BLUBIRCH seal has been broken, please document these issues on the shipment BOL, get signature of shipper and contact us within 24 hours.


What if I have an issue with the merchandise I receive?

We stand behind the accuracy of our manifests, both in terms of condition and composition. In case of shipment by Blubirch, if there is a difference greater than 4%, please email us at within 2 business days of receiving your order. We will get back to you within 1 business day with next steps. We aim to resolve all disputes efficiently and fairly.

Can I return purchased lots?

We cannot offer any returns or exchanges. If you have any issues with your order, please do reach out to our Customer Services team.


Can I see the bids that I have lost?

Yes, you can see the lost bids in archived bid section of the app.

Will I be notified by how much amount I lost the bid?

No. The information is confidential and would not be shared with the buyer(s).

I placed the maximum bid on the lot but still lost, why?

If the highest bid on a lot is less then the reserve price decided by the seller, the bid is cancelled and the participant’s are intimated of the same.

Will I come to know of the reserve price?

No, reserve price is confidential and cannot be revealed to buyers.

By mistake I placed a bid and want to cancel it, is it possible?

No, once a bid is placed you cannot cancel it and have to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the organization.

What are archived bids?

Archived bids are the bids in which the buyer participated along with his “winning” or “lost” status.

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