Beverage Company Getting Lower Realization


One of the beverage companies has been liquidating its decommissioned laptops by getting 3 quotes over email. Blubirch was asked to manage the liquidation of decommissioned assets with improved realization while ensuring data security, compliance and transparency.

Blubirch Solution

Blubirch took over the liquidation process where in client initiate request for decommissioned assets as and when required. Blubirch team inspects the assets and create a detailed report. Post that client decides on down stream disposition channel i.e. Employee Sale, Redeployment, Liquidation or Corporate donation. Blubirch team accordingly triage the assets for these channels in following ways:

Employee Sale: Publish the identified assets for employee sale through our portal at prices agreed with the client.

Redeployment: Blubirch certified assets along with warranty gets deployed back at client location

Liquidation: Blubirch published the assets to 1000s of bulk buyers through its platform.

Donation: Blubirch routed the donation via NASSCOM Foundation

Accomplishment / Benefits

Improved realization by more than 50% and reduced the effort put in by clients to almost zero without compromising with data, compliance or transparency. Client had complete report on decommissioned assets at any point of time.

Redeployed 20% of assets, saving investment in new assets to that extent.

Employee sale helped improve employee satisfaction and realization for client without putting any burden on HR or Payroll. Fully serviced assets got donated without any additional repair cost for the client