Financial Sector Client with Accumulated Decommissioned Inventory


A financial client was not able to dispose of decommissioned assets as the e-waste handlers were charging to take those assets off. These assets were lying in their facility for more than a year eating into costly real state and also resulting in inventory value depreciation because of aging, damages and potential pilferages.

Blubirch Solution

Blubirch engineers evaluated the assets and we established that none of these assets is e-waste but can be re-sold as full units and parts. Engineers created a detailed specifications report including configuration, physical and functional condition. This was published to Blubirch’s bulk buyers for quotation.

Accomplishment / Benefits

With in a weeks time Client was able to move those assets out and instead of paying anything for disposition they were able to uncover profit from those assets. This was they not only created environmental value by avoiding e-Waste but also created economic value for the company.